• To be a part of an Elite Association of Assessors, Trainers, Lecturers and Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs).
    • To gain access to a wider recruitment base nationwide.
    • To highlight your key skills to potential employers.
    • To stand out from the crowd as Elite Members of Further Education.
    • To have access to the latest industry news and articles including continuous professional development (CPD) tools.

    • ESR provides an Elite Learner Referral Service, of all ages and vocation nationwide which is the ultimate brokerage for your profile needs.
    • To gain access to a diverse range of Apprenticeship learners nationwide.
    • To ensure all training and delivery team are all apart of an Elite membership and robust checks are carried out for the best possible outcomes for learners.
    • The highest quality assurance services available to ensure all internal and external audits run smoothly and effectively.
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